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Sometimes it’s difficult finding that perfect Christmas gift for the travelers in your life. Here’s a list of ideas for the globe-trotting travelers.

1. All-in-One Travel Bags/Suitcase

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A good piece of luggage for travelers is worth its weight in gold. For the nomads in your life it’s a fantastic Christmas gift.

2. Travel Gift Cards

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These are very popular gifts with travelers as they give them flexibility. Find one that can be used worldwide. Be it small or large it’s the perfect gift for traveling.

3. Travel Watches – Change time zones automatically

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This is an amazing and special gift for those who wake up in different time zones regularly.  It will prove to be very thoughtful and caring of the giver.

4. Travel Smart Phones

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A gift of a new phone is a wonderful idea to anyone but a travel phone with the right combination of hardware, operating system and mobile data plan is the perfect Christmas gift for international travel.

5. Travel Cameras with Holders

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Travel cameras are perfect gifts for travel enthusiasts.  An excellent choice for the traveling photographer.

6. Leather Map Journal

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A Christmas gift that will last a lifetime and would carry a lifetime of memories that will last forever.

7. Personalized Jewellery

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Always a very thoughtful gift for a loved one especially one who is traveling to create this special bond that your loved one will cherish while on the road.

8. Travel Pack/Wallet

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This is a beautiful gift for travelers.  A pack that can fit around one’s waist that has multiple slots and compartments to hold important documents like credit cards, passports and cash will truly be a truly appreciated Christmas gift.

9. Universal Travel Adapter

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Always a very convenient and handy gift for the country to country traveler who wishes to convert plugs to any country in the world.

10. Travel Back Packs

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Everyone loves a good Backpack and what better Christmas gift to give to someone who travels regularly.

11. Headphones with earplugs

Great Christmas gift idea for the gadget obsessed traveler in your life.

12. Travel Slippers  

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Perfect gift for the fatigued traveler.  After coming off a long exhausting flight nothing will be more welcome than a pair of comfy slippers to rest those tired feet.

13. Neck Support Pillow 

Image result for neck support travel pillow

Always a great gift for neck support on long flights for a stressed free travel sleep.

14. His or Her Travel Kits

Image result for travel kit for gifts

When it comes to choosing the perfect Christmas gift for travelers it doesn’t get better than travel kits.  Whether is him or her travel kits are always welcome by travelers.

15. Sunglasses 

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You cannot say the Caribbean without thinking of a pair of sunglasses for the beautiful weather.  Sunglasses are a great accessory to any traveler’s collection.

16. Travel Luggage Scale

Portable Luggage Scale Cool Travel Gadgets

Great idea for a gift to save your loved one’s time and money for overweight luggage at the airline counter.

17. Safety Locks for luggage

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Always a great idea for travelers who often stays in hotel rooms and have to venture outside. A Christmas gift of a lock will be appreciated knowing their belongings are safe when they are away.

18. Portable Travel Hotel Door Locks 

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Your loved one will thank you for the thought of thinking of their safety while on the road.  Little things travelers sometimes forget will always be appreciated as Christmas gifts.

19. Portable Sensor Alarms for Travel 

Image result for portable hotel door alarms

Another thoughtful Christmas gift for those who travel.  Caring for their safety tell them that you care. Show them you care this Christmas.

20.  Travel Flashlight with Time/Date

Image result for travel flashlight

A very helpful and convenient Christmas present for a traveler who is always on the go night and day. 

21. Swim Pouch for Phone/Passport

Image result for swimming pouch for phone and passport

A beautiful Christmas gift for the traveler who loves the water.  

22. A subscription to Portable Books – E-Readers

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Books are always great stocking stuffers to avid readers but to the traveler where there is not enough room in the suitcase a subscription to their favorite authors is a wonderful gift at Christmas time.

23. Travel Dry Bag

Best Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel: Sea to Summit Dry Bag

Vacationing in the Caribbean where there are beaches everywhere everyone needs a dry bag to keep their equipment and gears safe from the elements. It is also a perfect holiday gift for hikers.

24. Beach Towel

Image result for beach towels for travel

You can’t say the word Caribbean without thinking of the gorgeous beaches with crystal blue waters and an island towel to wrap around yourself. Perfect island Christmas gift for travelers.

25. Personalized Leather Tags

Luggage Tags

A well thought out Christmas Gift for travelers who spend time in figuring out their luggage as so many luggage looks exactly alike.  It’s a small gift but it may save them from the hassle of taking home someone else’s luggage.

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