About Us

After years of travel throughout the world to over 45 countries the dynamic mother/daughter duo, Carol and Brittany decided it was time to write a blog together.  This experience started around 2003 in Southern California when the younger was a junior tennis player playing at the local clubs, which years later escalated to becoming a top world-class junior which took them to places around the world including countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, South Africa, and the Caribbean.  The Caribbean has always held a special place in their hearts as Carol is originally from the Caribbean, so the beauty, warmth and the charm of the island always attracted them which kept them wanting to see and learn more about these little gems that sit quietly between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It was not until the younger had packed up the racket and was doing an Internship program in Rome, Italy that she decided that she should do more to bring awareness to the beauty and charm of these wonderful islands.  It all started when she was invited to a seminar on ‘Americans in Italy’. ‘It was amazing,’ she said, all aspects of tourism were discussed which made it very simple for tourists to become familiarized with their country long before they stepped foot on their shores. At that moment was when she decided that she can do the same for her beloved Caribbean Islands and began discussing it with her mother and A Tourist in the Caribbean was born. Today Carol is retired and shares her time between her beloved Caribbean islands and the US while helping out with the blog.  Brittany resides in Southern California but makes frequent trips to the Caribbean at every opportunity she gets.

Carol is our Administrative Assistant, copywriter, content writer and the internet-savvy person who creates articles, blog posts and other forms of written material for the website.  She also performs the website routine clerical and administrative affairs including documents for mailing, scheduling appointments while supporting other writers and staff of the website. 

As a full-time contributor to the website Renee is responsible for generating pitch ideas, composing, editing, conducting research and running and maintaining the Blog and Social Media Sections of the website.  Besides being a writer and poet, Renee is also an entrepreneur and has a wide range of knowledge in the Tourism and Fashion Industry both here in The Caribbean and abroad in the United States where she acquired her academic and professional skills.

Shubratha Konaru who lives in the North-Eastern part of The Caribbean island of Bermuda is Indian by nationality but a traveler by heart whose hobby and passion are exploring the places around the world especially in her beloved Caribbean.  Subi is an avid writer and contributor to the website and has written extensively on the islands around her. Subi is also active on the Blog and on the Social Media Platforms for the website.  

Julius, our in-house photographer has worked long hard hours to put this website together.  Coming from the island of St Vincent and the Grenadines Julius has traveled widely throughout The Caribbean capturing some of the best photogenic sceneries of the islands.  Using a blend of technical and artistic skills and having a keen eye for taking pictures of landscapes, places, and people of his beloved islands, he has captured some of the best the islands have to offer.

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