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Antigua is one of the main islands that make up the Independent nations of Antigua and Barbuda within the Commonwealth of Nations. They are a part of the Leeward Islands in the West Indies, located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea. The Caribbean island is filled with historic sites and the museum in the Capital, St John displays many of the islands historical and cultural artifacts. The island is known for its reef-lined beaches, tropical rainforests, and exquisite resorts. It is often said that the island of Antigua has about 365 beaches one for every day of the year.

With a population of approximately 85,000 people, Antigua is known for its pearly white beaches, pristine waters, and a calm Caribbean atmosphere. With a myriad of water sports such as diving, swimming, sailing, fishing, and windsurfing available, the island is a major tourist attraction. An absence of mountains and forests distinguishes Antigua from the rest of the islands in the Lesser Antilles. Barbuda, the sister isle is known for its moderate climate, coral reef coastline, and endless pink, white sandy beaches which makes the island very popular with tourists. In 2016 the island was listed as one of the Top 10 destinations to visit by a popular magazine, which makes it attractive to visitors from all over the world.

Barbuda Caves

Once dependant on sugarcane and agriculture Antigua’s main economy has now moved into the tourism and manufacturing industry. The island is one of the Caribbean’s most prosperous nations mainly because of its increased tourism ventures and offshore financial services. The land is filled with great history and culture, delicious local cuisine, and exciting nightlife.

Barbuda the smaller sister isle with about 1500 people was damaged by a hurricane in 2017 and are still rebuilding from the devastation, although their beaches were unaffected, travelers to the island can still indulge in the pink sandy beaches, snorkel around the reefs and watch the famous frigate birds in their mangrove lagoons. Barbuda’s economy depends mainly on fishing and farming. The beauty of the island is the relaxed and peaceful way of life the locals operate on the island. Unlike its sister island, it does not have much nightlife or partying, but there are plenty of daily activities to see wildlife, fish, and birds all in their natural habitat on the island.

Both islands are so full of fun it is no wonder why celebrities and tourists visit the islands so regularly. Both islands are relatively flat islands with plenty of coral and limestone and Antigua is known as one of the sunniest islands in the Caribbean. Antigua’s iconic Nelson’s dockyard is well known for its yachting and sailing activities. So whether you want to visit one of the island’s 365 pink sand beaches or partake in water sports or visit one of the many casinos on the island both islands would want to have you coming back again and again for a truly sun-filled visit to two of the best islands in the Caribbean.

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