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Aruba with its white sugary beaches is a popular vacation destination for North American and European tourists visiting the islands. It is part of a trio of islands called the ABC islands, the other two being Bonaire and Curacao. This beautiful sunny island is just 15 miles north of the Venezuelan coast and is regarded as one of the most peaceful and beautiful locations in the Caribbean. Aruba is an independent country in the Caribbean and a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The island has a population of over 100,000 people.

The island boasts of incredible temperatures all year round and the constant Trade Winds on the island make the island a magnet for windsurfers and kite surfing tourists. Aruba, along with the other two ABC islands are the three most westernmost islands of the Lesser Antilles in the Southern Caribbean. The pristine waters of the Aruban beaches are loaded with coral and marine life – a perfect draw for tourists. Of all the islands in the Antilles, Aruba is the most developed with modern golf courses, casinos, malls, and international restaurants that make the island the perfect holiday destination.

Did you know Aruba’s currency is the Florian?

Butterfly Farm

The island of Aruba is fortunate to be situated just outside the tropical hurricane belt. With its pristine beaches, coral reefs, friendly people, cultured landscapes, and some of the best wreck-diving in the Caribbean, the island is perfect for sun-seekers and holidaymakers seeking an island vacation. The beautiful little island is also known for its aloe factories, rock formations, butterfly and bird sanctuaries, caves and shipwrecks.

Like many other countries, tourism is the leading economy driver on the island. And because of its rapid growth, powered by tourism, other industries like construction, hospitality, financial business, and petroleum activities have begun to flourish. Aruba has its own currency known as the Aruban Florin but United States Dollars are also accepted on the island. All major credit cards are accepted on the island, but some businesses will not accept American Express (AMEX).

The island is considered one of the safest places in the Caribbean but as a visitor be aware that things do happen, so be sure to safeguard your belongings while on the island. Aruba prides itself on its cultural experiences and year-round festivals which attract many visitors in search of true Caribbean identity. The One Happy Island as it is known is a melting pot of over 96 different nationalities when it comes to cuisine, music, and art. The island’s street Carnival Celebrations, the Summer Music Festival, and the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival are just a few of the major annual festivals that take place on the island.

The Capital, Oranjestad is a haven for shoppers looking for high-end goods and a world-class selection of merchandise. With its array of casinos and duty-free shops, the island is a haven for cruise ships. The city is also home to a dazzling waterfront, with an array of landmarks and an abundance of Caribbean charm and beauty. Its year-round sunny weather, white sandy beaches, friendly locals, and mouth-watering local and international cuisine are just some of the reasons you should make Aruba your next vacation destination. So see for yourself, come and enjoy some of the best Caribbean culture and heritage in one of the happiest places on earth.

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