Bahia Bioluminescent Bay – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

Bahia Bioluminescent Bay

There are only five (5) bioluminescent bays in the entire world and the island is lucky to have three (3) of them. Also called “the glowing bio bay” or “mosquito bay”, you can stir or paddle the water of the Bioluminescent Bay and lots of sparkles with a neon-green-blue color will activate giving a star-like reflection in the water. Tiny organisms make the bay glow and the best time to experience this is at night—stars fill the sky and whether you decide to kayak or swim, you’ll be in awe of it all. It’s a breathtaking experience.  When planning your trip the best time to enjoy the luminescence is on a dark night, try to avoid full moon as the darker the night the better the illumination. If you can only put one thing on your bucket list from PR, it should be an evening trip to Bahia Bioluminescent, also called “the glowing bio bay” or “mosquito bay”. 

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