Barbados Wildlife Reserve – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Known as the animal kingdom of Barbados, the Forest Reserve occupies about four acres of mahogany forest.  It is a beautiful place to stroll and watch the animals as they feed and play among themselves in their natural environment.  While most of the dangerous animals are kept in cages like snakes and tropical birds most of them walk free among the visitors.  Visitors are sure to see small animals like the green monkeys in the afternoon, red brockets-somewhat unusual, red-footed tortoises, agouti, armadillo, pelicans, and caimans as they stroll the forest. Some of the reptiles you will see are iguanas, turtles, Cuban iguanas among others like the peacock who spread their wings to add bright color to the environment. If you are an animal lover this should be your first stop on the island.

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