Beaches- Cayman Islands – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

Beaches- Cayman Islands

The beaches of the Cayman Islands are gorgeously perfect with powdery white sand and crystal blue waters.  Whether you are hoping for that beautiful suntan, or just a casual swim in the ocean, or experience the plethora of water sports available on the island there are plenty of beaches to enjoy.  Some of the best beaches on the islands are: Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman is not only the most popular beach on the island but one of the best in the entire Caribbean; Rum Point Grand Cayman is a lively beach shaded with palm trees and a popular spot for beach and water sports; Sandy Point, Little Cayman beautiful piece of water but isolated most of the time; Smith Cove Grand Cayman is very popular with cruise ship passengers with lots of fun facilities and great for snorkeling; Spotts Beach,  Grand Cayman is a great family beach with plenty of amenities like picnic tables and also great for snorkeling.

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