Although not fully Caribbean, Belize considers itself part of the Caribbean nation and part of Central America. It is a relatively small country with a population of over quarter million people and an island full of world-class attractions, to even attract somewhat cautious travelers. Apart from its historic archaeological sites, tourists flock the island to see the wild species of animals like jaguars and ocelots – which is very rare in the Caribbean islands, and the Western Hemisphere’s longest coral reef.

Great Blue Hole

With its white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and tons of offshore Cayes the island is home to many natural sanctuaries.  Belize is a very diverse country with various cultures and different languages. Most of the land on the island is underdeveloped and covered with hardwood trees, jungles, wildlife reserves, with a wide variety of various flora and fauna like the black orchid and mahogany plant.

Belize is also home to the largest cave system in Central America. The island is known for its extreme biodiversity and distinctive eco-system. The Belize Banner Reef is a 190-mile section of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, the second-largest coral reef system in the world.  The coral reef offers diving, snorkeling, and fishing options, and there are more than 500 species of birds on the island.

Big Rock Waterfalls

The island experiences moderate weather in the summertime with its coastal sea breezes and the rainforests, although, the winters are cool but never cold. The island is generally flat with plenty of mangrove swamps along the coastal areas, and plenty of forested areas, which is home to some very special cedar, mahogany, and logwood trees.

The island has a private sector-led economy based primarily on tourism as it remains the country’s largest foreign exchange earner, next to agriculture with its agro productive sectors and diverse economic services. The island’s chief export are fish products, banana, clothing, citrus, and sugar. While food, fuel, and chemicals are mainly imported from other countries.

Belize is a great destination for visitors and tourists who appreciate a magical mixture of culture, Caribbean style cuisine, art, and music.  The island has a beautiful tropical climate, a great eco-tourism site for tourists, and with their North American and British formalities, many tourists visit the island for the many natural attractions Belize has to offer.

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