Bermuda, an old British Island Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean forms the smallest island country in the world spread across twenty-two miles in length and one mile across. Bermuda is made up of about seven main islands and about 170 additional islets and rocks stretched about 650 miles east to North Carolina in the United States.

The island is famously known for the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ tales, where ships and planes have mysteriously disappeared inexplicably.  For decades, the Atlantic’s ocean fabled Bermuda Triangle has captured the human imagination with the strange disappearances of ships and planes. Although, there are many scientific explanations for their disappearances, it still remains a mystery to some.

St. George’s Island Fort

The climate in Bermuda is a humid, sub-tropical climate with the temperature being around 86-90 degrees in the summertime. It is normally mild in the winter, spring, and fall but relatively hot in the latter months of the year sometimes with very high humidity. There’s always plenty of sunshine on the island with gentle tradewinds which makes it perfect for going to the beaches, sailing with just enough rainfall to keep the greenery luscious throughout the year. Bermuda is one of the few islands with turquoise blue waters and pink sandy beaches. The main islands all come together to form the shape of a Fishhook, sitting on the rim of an extinct volcanic mountain, the terrain is surrounded by reefs, has low hills and many water islets.

Bermuda’s economy is based primarily on tourism and investments in international business. Tourists contribute a great deal towards the economy of the island in terms of cruise ships, hotel stay, and dining on the island. Many international businesses operate on the island which provides a large number of jobs for locals and has made the island a global magnet for foreign businesses. Unlike other Caribbean islands though, Bermuda has no natural resources and very little interest in the farming and fishing industry.

Bermuda Aquarium & Zoo

Bermuda is a favorite vacation destination for North American tourists and some half-million people visit the island each year for its luminous pink sand beaches, which gets its color from the organisms that grow beneath the coral reef system on the island. An example of this is Horseshoe Bay which receives thousands of tourists each year. The island is said to be one of the friendliest places on the planet. Their culture is very much British with elegance and etiquette, but still with plenty of island flavor under the Caribbean sun.

Bermuda is a very beautiful island that is very clean and full of hidden surprises. It is very easy to get around the island because of the excellent bus system. The island is a paradise for divers and snorkelers and those who love the underwater world. There are many tours that offer breathtaking views of the various coral reefs, the shipwrecks, underwater caves, and other marine life. The island has been attracting tourists from across the globe for decades. Its a home away from home thus the reason it has so many repeat visitors year after year.

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