Bonaire Beautiful Flamingoes – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

Bonaire Beautiful Flamingoes

The Flamingoes are native to the island of Bonaire.  It is said that the island is one of four breeding grounds for flamingoes in the world. 

There are two places on the island to see these iconic birds; the Pekelmeer Sanctuary located on the South Side of the island in a protected marsh area and at Washington Slagbaai National Park in the North. Thousands of flamingoes live and breed naturally in these two environments. 

Seeing the flamingoes in their open natural environment is truly a picturesque sight to behold.  

Although tourists are not allowed in the actual sanctuary there are still great viewing points where you can see these wonderful creatures.  Be sure to walk with binoculars. 

If you love flamingoes and want to see them in the wild, then visit the sanctuary on your next visit to Bonaire.

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