Bonaire Botanical Gardens – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

Bonaire Botanical Gardens

The garden is not your typical botanical garden for families but for older people are interested in tropical and herbal plants for their medicinal values.  The garden is a green oasis in the midst of a desert landscape.  It is a very enlightening and informational tour given by the garden keeper who is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable of the medicinal values about these native plants.  The garden is quite small and should take only about an hour or two to navigate.  You will see plants growing in various plastic and bottle like containers all under a beautifully designed greenhouse enclosure.   

In addition to the beautiful plants there are also different species of birds, rabbits and chickens all in cages in the garden.  One can learn about gardening, planting, harvesting and the many species of flowers, trees, shrubs, herbs, cactus and algae that exists in the garden.  If visiting the island, it would be interesting to spend some time at this very unusual garden if only for the medicinal education of plants and herbs. 

It is a beautiful place to spend an evening.

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