Bonaire National Marine Park – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

Bonaire National Marine Park

There is a reason why Bonaire is considered one of the top 5 diving spots in the world – The Bonaire National Marine Park.  This amazing underwater world is full of beautiful diving sites with a multitude of different corals and fish.  For both divers and snorkelers alike, it is one of the best sites in the Caribbean Sea for diving and snorkeling because of its crystal-clear waters.  It also has one of the widest assortments of flora and fauna anywhere in the Caribbean.  There is an abundant of sea life, great reefs and diverse species of fish everywhere on the island.  You can get close to the coral and see lots of colorful fish.  This underwater world is just a short distance from the shore by boat.  The Bonaire Conservation has done a fantastic job in caring for the park by taking great care of their reefs and sea creatures.  This park is so beautiful there’s nothing like it anywhere else in the Caribbean. It is considered the best underwater scenery in the Caribbean.  On a visit to the ABC islands the Bonaire National Marine Park must be on your bucket list. 

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