Bonaire Salt Pyramids – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

Bonaire Salt Pyramids

The beautiful white salt pyramids that lined the shores of Bonaire waters are a welcoming site to visitors to the island from both land and sea.  

The beautiful pink sand and the crystal white salt pyramids are definitely an ‘eye saw’ to tourists visiting the islands.  There is a lot of history about the origin and manufacture of salt on the island dating back to the days of Slavery.  

On a tour of this unusual attraction you will learn all about the science and processing of this fascinating adventure.  Its amazing to watch the salt pile up in huge mounds after processing, in its preparation for loading unto ships for distribution around the world. 

It is also an excellent diving and snorkeling spot for divers and snorkelers.  There is a great abundance of fish life and  healthy corals living in this area.  

This is one place you have to see for yourself, the pictures definitely do not do it justice.  The mountain of salt pyramids, the pink sand and the beautiful sandy beach are all amazing.  

Salt Pier is definitely one of the places you don’t want to miss on your visit to the beautiful Bonaire island.

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