Camuy Caves

Southwest of San Juan about a two and half hour drive up the mountains is the great Camuy Caves.  This superb 268-acre park is the site of the great subterranean caverns carved out by the Camuy River over a million years ago.  The park is one of the largest underground formation in the Western World and one of the world’s largest network of caves. The caves are part of an immense network of natural limestone caves and underground waterways. Natural works of art such as spectacular stalagmites and stalactites were carved and formed by waters of the Camuy River.  Along the way you’ll see nature at work, water streaming down the walls, forming lots of spectacular structures. You’ll walk through a tunnel and then through a concrete walkway, suspended over the underground river, listening to the sounds of water and bats, sounds. which it is believed, were used in a Batman movie. The site is awe-inspiring and should be on your list of things to see in PR.

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