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Bonaire Beautiful Flamingoes

The Flamingoes are native to the island of Bonaire.  It is said that the island is one of four breeding grounds for flamingoes in the world. 

There are two places on the island to see these iconic birds; the Pekelmeer Sanctuary located on the South Side of the island in a protected marsh area and at Washington Slagbaai National Park in the North. Thousands of flamingoes live and breed naturally in these two environments. 

Seeing the flamingoes in their open natural environment is truly a picturesque sight to behold.  

Although tourists are not allowed in the actual sanctuary there are still great viewing points where you can see these wonderful creatures.  Be sure to walk with binoculars. 

If you love flamingoes and want to see them in the wild, then visit the sanctuary on your next visit to Bonaire.

St. Eustatius National Park

The Eustatius National Park is divided into two sub-sectors, ‘The Quill’ which is a dormant volcano and the ‘White Wall’ a limestone formation.  It is located on the South Side of the volcano on the island of Sint Eustatius.  

One of the exciting experiences about the park is hiking to the Quill.  About 600 meters uphill The Quill is a very picturesque volcano covered in greenery, wildlife and plenty of rainforest in the crater.  

The trails are well maintained, well-marked and manageable for both children and adults. There are some awesome vegetation and lots of diverse trees and animals. From the top there are some amazing breathtaking views into the crater. 

There is a Tourist Information Center where you can inquire about all you need to climb up the crater.  This national park is a must do while on the island.

Bonaire Salt Pyramids

The beautiful white salt pyramids that lined the shores of Bonaire waters are a welcoming site to visitors to the island from both land and sea.  

The beautiful pink sand and the crystal white salt pyramids are definitely an ‘eye saw’ to tourists visiting the islands.  There is a lot of history about the origin and manufacture of salt on the island dating back to the days of Slavery.  

On a tour of this unusual attraction you will learn all about the science and processing of this fascinating adventure.  Its amazing to watch the salt pile up in huge mounds after processing, in its preparation for loading unto ships for distribution around the world. 

It is also an excellent diving and snorkeling spot for divers and snorkelers.  There is a great abundance of fish life and  healthy corals living in this area.  

This is one place you have to see for yourself, the pictures definitely do not do it justice.  The mountain of salt pyramids, the pink sand and the beautiful sandy beach are all amazing.  

Salt Pier is definitely one of the places you don’t want to miss on your visit to the beautiful Bonaire island.

1000 Steps Beach

The 1000 steps beach is one of the most popular attractions in the Caribbean Netherlands.  The name maybe a little bit misleading as there are only about 70 stairs descending to the beach – so don’t be misled by the name.  

Unlike many of the other beaches in the Caribbean, this beach in Bonaire is known for its beautiful scenery, glittering turquoise waters and its amazing coral reef collection. The beach is perfect for diving and snorkeling.  

It’s a great place for family adventures with some cave-like areas that children would enjoy exploring.  It also has an impressive display of turtles, sponges, corals and colorful fish.  

The view from the stairway is magnificent all the way down to the bottom.  The beach is made up of beautiful white sand, a cove full of colorful fish and some of the best coral formations in the world. 

The marine life here is amazing and the site is really a nice place to visit.

Saba National Marine Park, Sab

This national iconic beauty is a beautifully managed, well maintained marine park with plenty of healthy fish and walls to explore.  It is located just a short trip off the main island.  The management of this operation on the island have insured that the Park remain an incredible natural resource with a thriving reef system maintained by a healthy eco-system above and below the water. The reefs in the park are a diving paradise for divers.  Diving in the park is extremely rewarding with plenty of opportunities to see a huge diversity of marine life including hard and soft corals, sponges, sharks, rays, grouper, octopus and plenty of colorful fish.  

There are also plenty of wildlife to see at the park including sharks, turtles and eels. There are incredible diving and snorkeling places with about 20 or so diving spots to choose from, which also include unique deep pinnacles. 

If you like diving, this is one of a kind spots that should be on your bucket list.

Bonaire Botanical Gardens

The garden is not your typical botanical garden for families but for older people are interested in tropical and herbal plants for their medicinal values.  The garden is a green oasis in the midst of a desert landscape.  It is a very enlightening and informational tour given by the garden keeper who is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable of the medicinal values about these native plants.  The garden is quite small and should take only about an hour or two to navigate.  You will see plants growing in various plastic and bottle like containers all under a beautifully designed greenhouse enclosure.   

In addition to the beautiful plants there are also different species of birds, rabbits and chickens all in cages in the garden.  One can learn about gardening, planting, harvesting and the many species of flowers, trees, shrubs, herbs, cactus and algae that exists in the garden.  If visiting the island, it would be interesting to spend some time at this very unusual garden if only for the medicinal education of plants and herbs. 

It is a beautiful place to spend an evening.

Washington Slagbaal National Park

This Park is beautiful beyond words. When planning a trip to this National Park be prepared for rocky roads and uphill challenging hikes. There are plenty of breathtaking panoramic views which include the beautiful cactus bloom and cliffs along the way.  The park is an unspoiled conservation area catering for wildlife and animal life.  

There is a beautiful array of corals, a diversity of fish, a bright blue bay at the ocean side, a quiet salt-lake with flamingoes, pelicans and other water birds all waiting to be explored and enjoyed in the park.  

The entire coastline with its blowholes and the beautiful turquoise color water of the ocean is truly amazing.  If planning a trip to the park be aware that it gets very hot along the way so it’s best to set out early to avoid the burning sun.  Be sure to bring plenty of water, food and snacks as there are no restaurants or concessions stands along the way.  The park is beautiful beyond words and no visit to Bonaire would be complete without a visit to this beautiful and exotic national park.

Bonaire National Marine Park

There is a reason why Bonaire is considered one of the top 5 diving spots in the world – The Bonaire National Marine Park.  This amazing underwater world is full of beautiful diving sites with a multitude of different corals and fish.  For both divers and snorkelers alike, it is one of the best sites in the Caribbean Sea for diving and snorkeling because of its crystal-clear waters.  It also has one of the widest assortments of flora and fauna anywhere in the Caribbean.  There is an abundant of sea life, great reefs and diverse species of fish everywhere on the island.  You can get close to the coral and see lots of colorful fish.  This underwater world is just a short distance from the shore by boat.  The Bonaire Conservation has done a fantastic job in caring for the park by taking great care of their reefs and sea creatures.  This park is so beautiful there’s nothing like it anywhere else in the Caribbean. It is considered the best underwater scenery in the Caribbean.  On a visit to the ABC islands the Bonaire National Marine Park must be on your bucket list. 

Klein Bonaire

A visit to Bonaire will not be complete without visiting the uninhabited island of Klein Bonaire located just off the coast of Bonaire.  This protected oasis and home to the beautiful unblemished Klein Bonaire’s Reefs lies about half a mile west of Bonaire and can be reached by water taxi.  Flying into Bonaire one will notice this little piece of paradise island, with its white sandy beaches lying to the left side of the airplane.  The island is completely undeveloped and uninhabited with shallow reefs and walls close to the shore for steep drop offs, making it the perfect destination for snorkelers and divers.  There is also a plethora of amazing corals and fish.  The island is also known as a turtle nesting ground and many turtles can be seen heading to the island during the nesting season.  So, on your next visit to the island enjoy a comfortable boat ride to Klein Bonaire along the beautiful coastline. Remember there are no facilities on the little island so be prepared to walk with all your necessities.  The island is truly a nature’s paradise and we are pretty sure a visit to Klein Bonaire will be highlight of your vacation to the island. 


Kralendijk  is the Capital and the main Cruise Port on the island of Bonaire in the Caribbean Netherlands.  The capital city is a very beautiful city with lots of pastel colored buildings of Caribbean and Dutch architecture.  The city is small but is very busy with commercial and cultural activities throughout the year.  The arrivals of periodical cruise ships bring life to the small city. 

There are plenty of commercial shopping on the streets and a small and bustling market where locals sell their locally made products.  During the cruise ship season, the city comes alive with plenty of cultural performances at the beautiful Wilhemina Park located in the city.  In the capital city there are many Historic buildings where visitors can enjoy self-guided walking tours.  Some of these Historic Buildings are now designated official monumental sites.  Also, the main Government offices are housed in the capital city. When visiting the island feel free to visit the Tourism Corporation of Bonaire to receive your free ‘Historical Walking Tour’ brochure that give you information about the historical sites in downtown, Kralendijk.

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