Christ Church Cathedral – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

Christ Church Cathedral

Also known as ‘The Mother Church of All Anglican Churches in the Bahamas,” the Cathedral, built in the 1670s was the first church built in the Bahamas.  The church has gone through many transformations over the years and several renovations throughout the 1900s, but today it remains a historic landmark and a place of worship on the beautiful isle. The building itself is gorgeous, from the stunning stained glass windows to the vaulted mahogany timbered ceiling, it is incredibly well-maintained. The well-preserved wall plaques that are strategically placed in the building are a reminder of all those who have tragically passed on or those who served the church more than 200 years ago and died of various outbreaks of natural disasters. There is also a remembrance garden on the church grounds and it is open to tourists and to those who will accept the invitation to enter. 

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