Columbus Lighthouse/Musuem – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

Columbus Lighthouse/Musuem

This very expensive and exclusive lighthouse was built in the Dominican Republic to commemmorate the 500 year anniversary of Christopher Columbus landing in the Americas. Situated on the banks of the Ozama River the building consists of a museum and a masoleum in honour of Columbus, and it is believed that his remains were interred in the building.  A well designed and planned museum, it contains beautiful architectural exhibits, artifacts and the history of the island’s existence. The lighthouse is a very impressive, gigantic and imposing structure from the outside but no-one is permitted inside. It is said the museum is dedicated to all Spanish American Nations, with its rich exhibitions, including real gold treasures that were acquired by Spanish Conquistadores. And at the very head of the monument you will come to the grave where it is alleged Christopher Columbus was buried. That moment alone is worth the trip to this  monumental lighthouse.

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