Cuba is the largest of all the Caribbean islands and situated just about a hundred miles or so to the nearest point in the United States. So, if your next vacation is to discover hidden gems, charming traditions, spectacular tropical climate, friendly inhabitants, wonderful landscapes pristine beaches, and a culture-rich country in the Caribbean, look no further, Cuba definitely should be on that list. The island consists of more than 400 islands and cays and is home to the smallest bird in the world – The Bee Hummingbird.

The Malecon

The beautiful city of Havana, the capital city is a blend of the new and old and a place with beautiful colonial architecture, several art galleries, vintage cars, and a vibrant blend of Spanish and Soulful music.  Revolutions and communism are still fresh on the natives’ minds and the hills are still marked by the footprints of Castro’s army, and the sugar plantations, a dreadful reminder of slavery.

It should be noted that while you are thinking of your next visit to Cuba that Cuba is a State-controlled economy which means nearly all the businesses on the island are state-run enterprises, but this should not deter you from visiting Cuba’s historic attractions and natural wonders. Most of the labor force on the island is employed by the State. The economy in Cuba is now somewhat flourishing again since the Obama Administration restored some ties with the island, making way for some North Americans to visit the island which will definitely enhance the economic growth in the country.

Che Guevera Museum

Cuba is different but also fascinating. Things are not always the same as in American and European countries because of their type of government for example funds can be difficult to access in Cuba, cards generated by US bank accounts are not accepted and there are a lot of rural dirt roads and some amenities and necessities may be lacking in some parts of the island. But Cuba is a very beautiful island in its own little way. The island is famously known around the world for its legendary cigars, history, culture, and Cuban hospitality. The island’s music and contagious rhythms, with its mixture of Spanish and African roots, have influenced musicians from all over the world.

But, there is still a lot to enjoy on the island as the people are the heart and soul of the island. If your visit is just to taste the rich coffee of Sierra Escambray, dance the night away, or take a stroll down the revolutionary trail of Che Guevera, there is something for everyone to enjoy on ‘The Pearl of the Antilles’ and the largest island in the Caribbean.

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