Curacao Sea Aquarium

A very unique aquarium and one of its kind in the beautiful Caribbean,  The museum was built in such a way that owing to an open water system all of the aquaria are fed by pure freshwater coming directly from the ocean. All of the seawater goes into a silo which is then filtered into the aquarium. The advantage of this system is that the animals can live both in the aquarium and in the sea, as most of them that are in the aquarium are sometimes young or wounded, but after healing they can return to the open ocean. There are also mangroves which grow alongside the channel that helps protect small fish that comes from the sea to live in the aquarium, as it becomes a haven from large predators. The school of fish in the aquarium includes parrotfish, blue tang, yellowtail parrot, yellowtail snapper, trumpet and so much more.  There are also different species of sea lions, sharks and turtles. There are other features to the aquarium where visitors can snorkel with stingrays or feed the shark or play with a group of beautiful pink dolphins swimming in their lagoons. The aquarium is also very active in research projects that involve the oceans and coral reef ecosystems. 

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