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Do You Need Academic to Make a Difference?

Does a Masters or Ph.D. really make a difference in a non-academic work environment in today’s world?  While academic education is essential in some jobs, it is not completely necessary in today’s technological society where critical thinking, problem-solving, strong writing and analytical skills are more useful than having an academic background without these essential qualities. 

The ability to find people who really understand the issues in today’s society is what it really needs to make a difference in the world today. Is it that modern life is too obsessed with academic-education with qualifications when it comes to our youth? Many youths labeled ‘disadvantaged’ are youths for whom life has been sometimes difficult throughout childhood – but their ability to grab at opportunities is limitless and quite extraordinary. 

So, the big question is can one make it with only an academic education or need skilled-manpower and the technical know-how in these crucial changing times? The answer is unclear as one cannot rule out the importance of having a well-rounded academic education but the demand for modern-day education which includes fundamental and analytical skills in the ever-evolving workforce has truly overpowered the formal academic education.

Gone is the era when an academic workforce was above all else but those days have now been replaced by a workforce that can now handle complex situations way beyond the normal level of academic education.  In the real world, hands-on job- experience and on the job training in skills that match one to a job are more highly recognized than a college degree which really does not give you the work experience to match the job requirements. Sometimes a degree in hand is just a mere formality.

In today’s world in the workforce, it is said that formal education doesn’t really work but various apprenticeship program graduates are becoming more and more employable in the mainstream workplace. 

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