Dominica Botanical Gardens – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

Dominica Botanical Gardens

The Garden is dedicated to diversity and the natural beauty of nature. Despite the damage by major hurricanes, the garden remains focused on cultural life and is the center for conservation research on the island. Its 240-acre plot acts as a tranquil green space for both locals and visitors. The garden is home to 50 types of indigenous plants, many imported trees, the Sisserou parrots, the national bird of Dominica and the national tree and flower, The Bois Kwaib, and many other tropical trees and plants. One of the garden’s most popular attractions is a hurricane incident when a Baobab tree fell under a crashed bus but remained alive, and continue to grow under the bus even up to today.   Because of natural disasters caused by storms and hurricanes the garden is now an open space for locals and visitors to relax and appreciate nature. Its beauty and serenity still marks it as one of the gems of the Caribbean.

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