Dominica is known as ‘The Nature Island’, has amazing natural beauty in its mountainous terrains and hillsides, which have attracted generations of nature lovers and vacation seekers for decades. While the island is small with only 29 miles long and 16 miles wide there are plenty of charming qualities that make this island exceptional. 

The rich alluvial soil which is unique to Dominica makes this island one of the top agricultural producers in the Caribbean. The island also enjoys a pleasant tropical climate all year round. While Dominica is famous for its production and export of Bananas to other Caribbean islands they also produce copra, coconut oil, soap, baby oil, fruit juices and much more. Wood products like furniture and a garment industry help strengthens Dominica’s economy.

Botanical Gardens

Dominica has several active volcanoes on the island although eruptions are rare, with a wide range of high forested mountains running from North to South on the island. The scenery is oustandingly beautiful with numerous streams and rivers, waterfalls, lovely flora and fauna, and the home of the world’s second-largest hot spring, the Boiling Lake.

While agriculture remains the most important factor of the economy in terms of employment and contribution to the national economy, the country has now diversified itself mainly on tourism and offshore financial business as the Government seeks to promote the island as an eco-tourism destination in the Caribbean. The cruise ship industry is playing a pivotal role in the Government’s positive move to fostering tourism on the island.

With the influx of tourists to the island of over 80,000 per year and the vibrant cruise ship industry which sees over 300,000 cruise ship passengers on day visits annually to Prince Rupet Bay or Roseau, the island is well on its way to becoming a top vacation destination in the Caribbean. 

Emerald Pool

Roseau, Dominica’s capital and main commercial hub for the island is home to many of its major historic buildings like the Dominican Museum which features exhibits about the island’s past and present history, economy, and culture. While West Indian culture runs deep in the hearts of Dominicans, there is also a taste of France’s Cultural and Cuisine influences on the island, because of its proximity to the French islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe.

Dominica is relatively untouched with mostly waterfalls and national parks to attract nature lovers and hikers. The island is well on its way to develop reserves of its unique flora and fauna to attract tourists and market itself as truly ‘The Nature Island’ of the Caribbean.

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