Estate Whim Plantation Museum – St Croix – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

Estate Whim Plantation Museum – St Croix

The Estate Whim Museum chronicles the daily life of slaves on the plantation, in the re-created sugar mill estate. The museum is the only sugar plantation museum in the Virgin Island and is full of facts, concerning the island’s sugar cane production, and the lives of Cruzan slaves. To reminisce slave plantation life the museum has recreated slaves quarters, great house, cookhouse, sugar mill and factory complex and look-a-like grounds for visitors to envision life on the plantation. The purpose of the museum is to remind locals and visitors of what life was on a plantation on the island. There are lots of exhibits, history, and artifacts of the plantation.  There are also lots of trees and flowers growing throughout the garden, and one can learn a great deal of what life was like on a plantation by visiting this museum.

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