Folkstone Marine Park – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

Folkstone Marine Park

The park is an absolute jewel for water activities and water-loving visitors. The marine park has it all with an information center and museum, where equipment rentals are available for snorkeling and other seawater experiences.  The park features an artificial reef which was formed by the sinking of the Starvronikita, a ship which rests some 120 feet below and about half a mile from shore. The reef is home to numerous fish and other marine life including sea antinomies, sea lilies, corals and sponges. Stroll along the beautiful boardwalk or simply go sunbathing, swimming or snorkeling, the park has it all.  Its also a beautiful family park with activities for children like swings, slides, jet skis, family picnic tables, tennis courts and basketball courts that provide great recreation for locals and visitors.

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