Garrison Savannah Racetrack – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

Garrison Savannah Racetrack

It is considered one of the premier attraction in Barbados and is located just outside the capital city, Bridgetown. The Garrison Racetrack has been the home of horseracing in Barbados since 1845.  It is a place of huge historical significance to the Bajan people with a great history of its inception by the British. It is a beautiful racetrack and if you are an ardent fan you can catch a race or two every fortnight or (every other weekend). The biggest event of the year is the Garrison Gold Cup with lots of tourists and locals, a parade, music Caribbean style and a day full of activities.  You can watch the races for free from the grounds or for a small fee in the Grand Stand. There are plenty of food stalls and bars and a terrific atmosphere for all.

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