Hamilton (The Capital) – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

Hamilton (The Capital)

A blend of global sophistication and local flavor makes the Capital of Bermuda, Hamilton, so intriguing and inviting. Founded in 1788, the city is lined with historic pastel color colonial buildings and colorful houses overlooking the harbor. Front street which faces the harbor is the most busiest with tourists flocking the shops, restaurants and bars, small yachts docking, ferry transfers, and boat tours.  On Wednesdays, in Summer, the Harbor nights festival has Gombey dancers, local artisans, and food along the street. Also in the capital are some beautiful historic buildings like the Anglican Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, built of native stone, the Bermuda Capitol Building, the Assembly House, the City Hall and the Arts Centre which houses beautiful arts and paintings but also acts as a concert hall for plays and shows.

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