Hope Botanical Gardens & Zoo – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

Hope Botanical Gardens & Zoo

This is a large garden in Central Kingston made up entirely of specimen plants and imported trees. The gardens are sectionalized according to the architecture and bio-diversity adorned with tall palm trees, lush green grassy fields, and a Chinese Garden, which was a gift from the Chinese Government to the beautiful island. From the gardens, there is a beautiful view of the mountains and a great place to go bird watching. There are beautiful areas for walking, some lovely seating areas, and a garden full of the most exquisite flora and fauna across the globe. The grounds of the zoo are beautiful with the right amount of indigenous animals including lions, turtles, snakes, donkeys, blue flamingoes, parrots, woodpeckers and a flock of exciting birds. The Botanical Garden is free but there is a small fee for the Chinese Garden and the Zoo.

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