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How Will The Caribbean Recover from Covid-19?

The various Caribbean Governments and Health Associations are expecting this coronavirus outbreak to slow down in about the third quarter of this year.  Hopefully they are correct!  

During the recovery period, this sector will take a longer time to normalcy because tourists and travelers need to be ensured of their safety before traveling to the various islands.

The Caribbean tourism sector has to incorporate social distancing and other safety measures to control and reduce the spread of the virus among islands.  The COVID-19 has so far killed more than two hundred and fifty thousand people worldwide and over many millions are infected.

People will have to take the fear out of travelling out of their minds for them to visit these beautiful Caribbean islands again. We need to be optimistic and hope for the best to happen.

Responsibilities And Duties Of Citizen In The Caribbean To Recover From Covid-19

Since the COVID-19 vaccine is not available, social distance is the only option to contain the spread of this virus; Governments are focusing on shutdowns and lockdowns to reduce community contact and infection. People should remain indoors and remain cooperative for a certain period to avoid contact and infection. Being civilized, all the citizens should be alert and understand the emergency. 

Here are some Responsibilities and Duties that every citizen in the Caribbean must take if we wish to recover from Covid-19.

  •  Spreading rumors like drugs, vaccines, statistics, patients, etc. are not allowed.
  • We are maintaining personal hygiene anywhere at all costs by washing hands regularly.
  • A face mask is compulsory for all citizens on the move at ALL times.  
  • Dispose or wash your mask immediately after use.  
  • Hand sanitizer is being given out at businesses and government facilities to help contain the spread of the virus, be sure to use it.
  • Maintain at least a three to six feet away from any individual at all times.
  • Citizens are not allowed to attend any social gathering or crowded places for these periods.
  • All industries and organizations close to the Caribbean island are to follow all safety precautions and measures.   
  • A protein-rich food is advised during these periods because it boosts and levels up our overall immune system.
  • Physical exercises are also advised but should be practice indoors or a minimum of three feet apart when outdoors. It helps our body metabolism.
  • Citizens should report to their local health office once they experience any symptoms of this virus; they should also isolate themselves from others in other to contain the spread.
  • Report all businesses that does not have proper hand washing/sanitizer equipment in place to owners or health authorities.
  • Citizens are not advised to attempt self-medication.

Apart from these duties and safety measures, everyone has to understand that shutdown or lockdown is not meant to punish you or give the Government authority over you in anyway. It is only meant to keep citizens safe and help the Caribbean recover from such a deadly disease which has yet to have a cure. So, it is advisable to obey all rules and safety measures in other to stay safe .

In the Caribbean the Dominican Republic suffered the worst hit with over 3,000 cases followed by Puerto Rico with over a thousand and Cuba with about 862 cases.  Most of the other islands had about a hundred or less cases with very few deaths.  While most of the islands have been hit by the virus and it has somewhat crippled the tourism industry, we in the Caribbean are optimistic that the cruise and air industries will be up and running by year end or early in 2021.  

On its road to recovery the Caribbean is planning for a brighter tourism future but it will need a vibrant technology system in order to improve tourism connectivity among the islands.  As of this writing the islands are seeing a decline in Covid-19 cases as most of the citizens are responding to the policy measures taken by the government.   

Coronavirus would have a deeper impact than natural disasters and wars,  because neither people, government or health officials can predict when the pandemic would be over.

Stay Safe!

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