Independence Square – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

Independence Square

Independence Square, originally called Pall Mall Square in Basseterre city, was formally a slave auction market where the enslaved Africans were bought and sold during colonial rule. Upon receiving its Independence in 1983 from Britain, the name was changed to Independence Square – such a historical and superb piece of real estate. The square is situated in the center of town, close to the cruise ship port,  Port Zante and the famous duty-free shopping mall, Pelican Mall. It’s a lovely green space with shops and restaurants on one side and a Cathedral on the other. The site carries a lot of history about the events that took place in the square. It is the place where residents go to relax, ‘lime’ play music, and exchange gossip in a well kept manicured grassy lawn, paved pathways. mature trees (including the Boabab tree) and a beautiful centerpiece fountain erected to celebrate pipe water in Basseterre. Today, the square is alive with family outings and impromptu gatherings and serves as a place to gather for parades and parties. An emancipation celebration in remembrance of their African ancestors is held every year by the Rastafarian movement. The square provides a lovely oasis to enjoy a beautiful time on the island.

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