Jamaica is the most popular and one of the most desired vacation destinations for tourists, travelers, and cruise ships from North America, Europe, and other Islands in the Caribbean. Jamaica is the largest of the Caribbean islands and the most populated with over two million people.

Dunn River Falls

Known as one of the Caribbean’s iconic destinations for its legendary reggae sounds, the music has become a worldwide sensation with travelers around the world.  For its Olympic dominance in track and field, iconic beaches, amazing waterfalls, top stars, and Olympic athletes, the island is a draw to tourists around the world. 

The country prides itself on having a treasure of natural jewels, lush green mountains, turquoise seas, corals reefs, rainforests, and enduring rivers. With its breathtaking Blue mountains – its highest point being over 2,250 meters (7,400+ft) the island is one of the most precious jewels in the Caribbean. It’s six resort locations are the main tourist hubs:

Montego Bay, a favorite with tourists, it is the home of the popular MoBay resort area, the Sangster Int’l Airport and a bustling array of shops, restaurants, and beautiful white-sand beaches.

Ocho Rios, situated on the northern coastline is the heart of the island’s natural attractions and home to the ever-popular Dunn’s River Falls, featured on this site, with beautiful resorts, beaches, and a major port for cruise ships arriving on the island.

Negril, known for its natural beauty and home to the famous seven-mile white sand beach, is just about half an hour’s drive from Montego Bay.

Kingston, the bustling capital of the island and home to the world’s seventh-largest natural harbor is situated at the foot of the Blue Mountains. It is the commercial hub for Government, historical and cultural activities on the island.

Port Antonio, located on the northeast side of the island, is home to some glistening waterfalls, natural springs, and the well-known Rio Grande River rafting activity and some of the most intriguing flora and fauna on the island.

South Coast, with its jagged coastline, roaming hillsides, and soggy wetlands, the area is home to some of the island’s most peculiar wildlife of iguanas, crocodiles, lizards and frogs. A perfect getaway for one who desires solitude, isolated beaches and knowledge of the island sugar plantation. It is also home to one of the worlds’ finest rum producers, the Appleton Rum Distillery,

Emancipation Park

The island’s economy is very heavily dependent on Services. Jamaica has a predominantly large and diversified economy which depends partly on foreign exchange from tourism. Along with financial services the country is also known for its agricultural production of historic plantations, tourism, manufacturing, agro-business, energy, business process outsourcing, and bauxite/alumina.

The principal seaports are Kingston and Montego Bay, where there are extensive cruise shipping facilities, that are very congenial to tourists and travelers.  For the adventurous tourist, there is so much do on the island, safaris, ATV tours, river rafting, catamaran cruises, plantation tours, and much more. The island’s lovely beaches, beautiful landscape, and its proximity to the United States are just some of the reasons thousands of tourists flock the island each year for a quick getaway to the warm and sunny isle.

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