Klein Bonaire

A visit to Bonaire will not be complete without visiting the uninhabited island of Klein Bonaire located just off the coast of Bonaire.  This protected oasis and home to the beautiful unblemished Klein Bonaire’s Reefs lies about half a mile west of Bonaire and can be reached by water taxi.  Flying into Bonaire one will notice this little piece of paradise island, with its white sandy beaches lying to the left side of the airplane.  The island is completely undeveloped and uninhabited with shallow reefs and walls close to the shore for steep drop offs, making it the perfect destination for snorkelers and divers.  There is also a plethora of amazing corals and fish.  The island is also known as a turtle nesting ground and many turtles can be seen heading to the island during the nesting season.  So, on your next visit to the island enjoy a comfortable boat ride to Klein Bonaire along the beautiful coastline. Remember there are no facilities on the little island so be prepared to walk with all your necessities.  The island is truly a nature’s paradise and we are pretty sure a visit to Klein Bonaire will be highlight of your vacation to the island. 

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