Kura Hulanda Museum

 A very quaint museum featuring African art, history, and exhibits relating to the slave trade from West Africa to the Caribbean island of Curacao. Rightfully situated, the museum is placed exactly where the Dutch slave traders marketed and sold their slaves, so it is very historical and befitting of such an atrocity.  When we say this museum is one of its kind in the Caribbean we are not exaggerating. Besides being labeled a ‘slavery museum’, it is much more than slavery. The tour is long but interesting as the indoor/outdoor museum is saturated with artifacts and small alcoves around the site. The museum gives you a glimpse into Colonial Curacao and the impact of the slave trade’s legacy, with art and artifacts from West Africa, Curacoa and the Caribbean.  There are many rooms and halls with exhibits and replicas of torture apparatus used in the slave trade, and evolutionists would love the room where the museum literally brings Darwin to life and to imagine a room with the likes of Martin Luther King, Black Panthers, and Malcolm, so different in philosophy and ethics, yet together in one room, is amazing. A section was even allocated to the scary hoods of the Klu Klax Klan, some even stained in blood. This is an exhibit like no other, be sure to see the museum on your visit to the island. 

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