Maracas Bay

The most popular beach in Trinidad is Maracas Beach which is surrounded by lush green rainforest, covered mountains, lined with coconut trees.  Located on the northern side of the island the crescent shape beach is about an hour drive from the capital city, Port of Spain. Maracas Beach is everything you think about when you picture an ocean blue sea, blue sky, long stretches of beach golden sand, coconut trees, great surfing, with a blended mixture of sweet Caribbean music.  The drive takes you over the northern range with breathless views of the landscape and over a beautiful lookout where you can view the beautiful city below. There are plenty of food stalls and beach facilities. With year-round warm temperatures, Maracas Bay is the perfect location for nature and snorkeling lovers. While visiting be sure to try the famous bake and shark and a Trinidad own, Carib beer.

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