Mount Pelee

Mount Pelee is a volcano at the northern end of Martinique, a French island in the Caribbean. The volcano mountain is currently active and scientists believe that it will erupt again, but not like the eruption of 1902, when there was severe damage that caused major destruction to the island. In the Spring of 1902, the Mt. Pelee volcanic eruption destroyed the city of St Pierre wiping out most of the residents in the city. The eruption of Mt. Pelee in the city of St. Pierre on the island of Martinique, has been described as the worst volcanic disaster of the 20th century.  The eruption showed its filthy side again in 1929 – 1932 but was subdued and has not been active since. Today, thanks to modern technology, a monitoring system is in place to catch any glimpse of volcanic activity on Mt Pelee.

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