Nassau is the Capital of the Bahamas and a popular cruise-ship stop. The city has a hilly landscape and is known for its pristine beaches as well as its coral reefs. This bustling metropolitan hub is full of culture and modern amenities.  Nassau is a tourist and international banking center. The Capital is home to old Forts, Government House, The Anglican Christ Church Cathedral built-in 1837, the octagonal Nassau Public Library built-in 1797, and the Government buildings around Parliament Square in the city center. Poinsettias and bougainvillea trees line the streets and square of Nassau which is part of their natural vegetation. Nassau receives thousands of visitors daily to shop, dine, sight-see and to enjoy the tropical climate of city life. At the eastern busy end of the harbor glass bottom, submarine boats are available for underwater sightseeing.  Bay Street is close by, where there are wall-to-wall boutiques, restaurants, and clubs that encompasses the shopping, dining, and nightlife on the island. A newly built Straw Market is a major tourist attraction and house several Bahamian craft shops, that sell handmade and local stuff made on the islands by locals.  

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