Pirate Museum

The Wax Museum is dedicated to the lives and times of vicious pirates in the Bahamas and those who fought and rallied against them.  Pirates’ activities on the island lasted for around 30 years from the 1690s to the early 1700s. This was a time when extremely devilish creatures, calling themselves pirates mercilessly looted and confiscated merchants’ ships of their merchandise, that passed through the waters around the Bahamian harbor.  However, thanks to the grand effort of the then governor in 1718, most of the pirates were captured and executed bringing an end to piracy in the Bahamas so today, ships can go by freely without the interference by these human pests of the sea. The interactive museum is located in downtown, Nassau and one can relive the days of piracy through the different exhibits and displays such as replicas of notorious male and female pirates, hammocks, canons, pistols, gold, and valuable coins.  Also on display are the pirates’ black warning flags and interactive exhibits depicting various scenes, from the piracy era, such as hangings, etc are displayed at the museum. While some parts are pretty dramatic, it is very educational and informative and a cool place to learn about the history of the piracy period.

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