Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, known as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, is an island in the Caribbean and part of the U.S. territory. Apart from its rich history, beautiful beaches, Spanish and Caribbean culture, the island is packed with amazing sceneries, mountain ranges, cascading rivers, and enchanting landscapes. With a vibrant nightlife, beautiful art galleries, and excellent shopping the island has it all.

El Yunque National Forest

A popular vacation destination with tourists, the island is rich in culture and historical architecture. Puerto Rico is known for its landscapes of mountains, waterfalls, and white-sand beaches. Puerto Rico’s El Yunque National Park, a tropical rainforest is stunningly beautiful and a major tourist attraction. It also has an astonishing variety of desserts, caves, wetlands, lagoons, oceans, and rivers with three main physiographic regions viz. the mountainous interior, the coastal lowlands, and the karst area. 

Bahia Bioluminescent Bay

The economy is mainly driven by manufacturing, particularly pharmaceuticals, textiles, petrochemicals, and electronics. Service industries such as finance, insurance, real estate, and tourism also play a great part in the island’s economy. Coffee is the island’s most valuable crop followed by sugarcane, vegetables, fruits, and dairy and meat products which are primarily exported and sold to the United States.

The island is also known for its stock of mineral deposits. It was recently declared that besides copper, the largest of the mineral deposits, oil, iron, gold, cobalt, nickel, and bauxite also found on the island. The island is a melting pot of many different cultures including the Taino Indians, Spanish and African traditions, and full of cultural activities all year round. Spanish is the dominant language spoken but English is also one of the two official languages on the island. Their cuisine is one of Latin and African dishes focused on the healthiest ingredients like seafood, beans, rice, vegetables, and herbs.

Puerto Rico has a long history of art, thus the reason for the many museums, galleries, and street-lined murals in Old San Juan. There are over 300 stunning beaches as well as championship golf courses, art galleries, vibrant nightlife and excellent shopping for all on the island. The island is safer than most US cities and much more beautiful so the next time you are thinking of planning a vacation to a US territory with year-round sunshine and cheap flights, Puerto Rico should definitely be on that list.

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