Sage Mountain National Park – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

Sage Mountain National Park

The 92-acre park that is home to Sage Mountain has seven (7)crisscross trails, including the main path, that leads straight from the parking lot, up the steep hill to the mountain top. The park is full of fauna, and several species of endangered plants that grow in the tropical rainforest.  At one thousand seven hundred and sixteen (1,716) feet, Sage Mountain is the highest point in the entire Virgin Islands. Sage Mountain Park offers an enjoyable two hour (2 hr) walkthrough hilly and somewhat rocky trails under a canopy of rain forests. There are two lookout points with great views all around. Travelers from all over the world come here to appreciate one of natures’ best secrets. So, if hiking/nature trails/photography is your interest be sure to take a tour of the  Sage Mountain National Park on your next trip.

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