San-Souci Palace

With its interesting and unorthodox history, the palace is a must-see for historians and architectural lovers.  The palace was the Royal Residence of a former slave who proclaimed himself as the self-imposed monarch. King Henri Christophe 1 of Haiti had fought in the American Revolution alongside George Washington. The ex-slave also went on to be the key leader of the Haitian Revolution which led Haiti to gain its Independence from France in 1804. He became a resident of San Souci after the Governor-General was assassinated and he became President of the State of Haiti.  The Palace was once known for its lavish parties of feasting and dancing in its luscious gardens. The palace enjoyed many foreign visitors and had the reputation of being one of the most prestigious edifice in the West Indies. Today the ruins still stand and many visitors just visit for the breathtaking views and the history of this once magnificent building.

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