Santa Domingo

Santa Domingo is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is the oldest city in the New World, with its old charm and colonial past sprinkled throughout the city.  The town is a mixture of old and modern charm, and you will be amazed at the beauty of the old Colonial buildings, well preserved historical artifacts, scores of musuems.  Many places showcase the country’s cultural history, like the National Palace, the Museum of Modern Art and the Palace of Fine Arts. Santa Domingo has a lot to see including the Tres Ojios Park with its gorgeous underground crystal clear water pools, Colonial city walk, Columbus Palace,  Archaic Palaces and Fortresses and the beautiful Basilica Cathedral. To sum it all up, Santo Domingo is an old town with great historical facts from Colonial times. Its present-day ambiance, mixed with a hectic nightlife and wonderful shopping can rival any major city in the Western World. 

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