St. Eustatius National Park – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

St. Eustatius National Park

The Eustatius National Park is divided into two sub-sectors, ‘The Quill’ which is a dormant volcano and the ‘White Wall’ a limestone formation.  It is located on the South Side of the volcano on the island of Sint Eustatius.  

One of the exciting experiences about the park is hiking to the Quill.  About 600 meters uphill The Quill is a very picturesque volcano covered in greenery, wildlife and plenty of rainforest in the crater.  

The trails are well maintained, well-marked and manageable for both children and adults. There are some awesome vegetation and lots of diverse trees and animals. From the top there are some amazing breathtaking views into the crater. 

There is a Tourist Information Center where you can inquire about all you need to climb up the crater.  This national park is a must do while on the island.

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