St. George Island Forts – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

St. George Island Forts

Bermuda’s seafaring history unfolds in many of its forts and museums. Main ones in St.George being Fort St Catherine is on the northeastern tip of St.George. Constructed in 1614 and fully renovated now, it has a museum showcasing a collection of artillery, replicas of the jewels of Great Britain, dioramas depicting Bermuda’s history, labyrinthine tunnels, and chambers which are carved deep into the bedrock. You will also get to see beautiful views of Achilles Bay. Gates Fort houses a small battery which was built around 1612 and is located at the end of the cut road in St.George. It sits on the edge of Town Cut which was created for the ships to enter the St.George Harbour. It is a great location to watch how today’s cruise ships navigate themselves through this narrow channel. Close by is the Alexandra Battery, completed in 1860s above a famous beach called the building Bay Beach known for the colorful Bermuda seagrass.  

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