St Kitts National Museum – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

St Kitts National Museum

A small antique, old fashioned, historic museum which gives a rich and vivid history of the Colonial occupation and slave trade on the island.  It chronicles the early beginnings of Carib/Arawaks with informative and interesting historical information going back many hundreds of years from the arrival of the Europeans, slavery, emancipation and eventually independence.  Each section contains a variety of artifacts with clear descriptions of its origin. There are also lots of information on politics, culture, agriculture, and sports among others. The largest room deals with the period of slavery complete with displays and exhibits including, the effervescent bongo drum and steel pan, tools, cutlery, clothing, and shackles used in the slave trade.  The museum is jam-packed with all type of history, exhibits, and displays that will be of interest to the most discerning visitor.

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