St Kitts Scenic Railway – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

St Kitts Scenic Railway

Considered one of the most scenic tours in the Caribbean, is the St Kitts Scenic Railway, which takes travelers on a 3-hour trip around the beautiful island of St Kitts.  Originally built to carry sugar cane, today the train is used to explore the island. The trail winds along the coastal areas, whipping past canefields and abandoned sugar mill plantations, giving visitors an unsurpassed opportunity to experience the scenery and culture of this beautiful island.  The entire trip is narrated with very interesting information about the history of the island. The railway cars are double-decker style, with air condition cars, with huge windows on the lower deck and an open-air observation deck on the upper level with breathtaking views of the beautiful mountain ranges, luscious forested and sugar cane fields. Complimentary drinks such as water, sweet drinks (soda) rum punch are served throughout the journey.  The train passes through towns and villages and under the Brimstone Hill Fortress which is always a spectacle for passengers. It is certainly the quickest and easiest way to see St. Kitts and learn the history of this beautiful island all in a nutshell.

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