St. Lucia

The ‘Simply Beautiful’ island as it is called is filled with sunshine, adventure, and vigor — And that is the beautiful island of St. Lucia. The country is believed to be the only country in the world named after a woman – St Lucy of Syracuse. Besides its beauty and mountainous terrain the island is also known for its world-famous iconic landmark – The Twin Pitons -and to be the only island in the world with a drive-in volcano that is still active today. St Lucia with her perfectly textured mountains, historic sites, sandy tropical beaches, fertile green valleys, and luscious rainforests – is truly a beauty to behold!

Twin Pitons

St Lucia is the most mountainous island among other Caribbean islands. The highest point on the island being Mount Gimie at 950 meters (3,120 feet) above sea level. The unspoiled beauty of the Eastern Caribbean is blessed with the beautiful Twin Volcanic Pitons that rise about half a mile out of the sea, beautiful beaches, and nature. But not to be left out is the island’s vibrant cultural and culinary life that makes the island so unique.

St Lucia is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, very interesting and breathtaking in terms of landscaping and scenery, With its pristine palm-fringed beaches, magnificent rain forest, cascading waterfalls, incredible rivers, and papaya orchards the natural beauty of this island is amazing. Not to be forgotten is the historic little town of Soufriere with its Diamond Mineral Baths, beautifully restored Soufriere Estate, luscious botanical gardens, and sugar cane mills. The island tends to be very popular with tourists due to its tropical weather, natural sceneries, and exquisite vacation resorts. From soaking in the sulphur springs ‘mud baths’ to swimming in the beautiful clear ocean of the Caribbean sea or hiking one of the many mountain trails, a visit to St Lucia is an experience one will forever inspire and enchant you

St. Lucia’s economy, like most of its sister isles, depends primarily on tourism and offshore banking, assisted with a thriving banana production market. The massive banana plantations on the island have made the exportation of the product very competitive on the world market. St Lucia is an agricultural island dedicated to producing and exporting tropical crops like bananas, avocados, and mangos to other Caribbean islands. And the island is considered one of the best when it comes to diverse manufacturing in the Eastern Caribbean. Their top trading partners in manufacturing are Trinidad and Tobago, United States, and the United Kingdom.

St. Lucia Rainforest

The island is continually buzzing with festivals and cultural activities all year round. There is never a shortage of adventure and activities on the island. Their local cuisine is rooted deep in their culture with a mixture of African/Caribbean, French, and Creole dishes. The official language is English but French Creole is commonly used by some natives. St Lucia is also very proud to have produced two Nobel Prize winners, Sir Arthur Lewis for Economics in 1979 and Derek Walcott for Literature in 1992. St Lucia is also known as one of the Caribbean’s premier wedding destinations for couples wishing to tie the knot. With some of the most pristine locations, stunning views, and impeccable services, the island is perfect for couples looking to tie the knot in the sunny Caribbean.

St. Lucia has a lot to offer its visitors including volcano and mud baths; waterfalls; mineral baths; hiking, diving, plantation tours, snorkeling, fishing zip lining, aerial trams, heritage walks, segway tours, horseback riding, whale watching, lighthouses and much more. The island’s landscape, culture, cuisine, and people provides the perfect setting for the vacation of a lifetime. The island has grown to become one of the most desired Caribbean destinations in the world.

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