St. Martin/St. Maarten

This beautiful piece of Caribbean treasure known as St. Martin/St Maarten – a dual-governed island – sits quietly between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea – the island is a shared partnership between France and the Netherlands.  It is divided into two sides, the French side and the Dutch side. The Dutch side which speaks predominantly English is known for its beautiful beaches, designer jewelry, festive nightlife, and plenty of casino gambling, while the French side which speaks French is popular for its nude beaches, high-end shopping, and sumptuous cuisine.

Loterie Farms

The island has a very diversified culture with over 70 unique cultures and about 10 different languages spoken on the island. Aside from its stunning beaches, the island boasts of enthusiastic culture, breathtaking landscapes, sparkling blue waters filled with yachts and boating regattas, and duty-free shopping. The island is also blessed with nature parks, a marine park, and miles of natural resources all part of the island’s precious environment.

The economy relies heavily on tourism but also receives income from petroleum refining, offshore finances, and trade with other Caribbean islands. The island depends very much on imported consumer goods and imports from the U.S and Mexico. Albeit, the island is in the process of establishing its own light industry and manufacturing production, so as to release the burden of the dependence on tourism as the island’s major income earner.

The culture of the island is a blend of its ethnic beginnings of African, French, British, and Dutch. Although both islands share virtually the same culture and heritage, visitors to the island will get a cultural taste of both sides when it comes to language and the different cuisines prepared on the islands. Their choice of music is unanimously the same as the island has accepted the Caribbean region style of music such as merengue, calypso, soca and zouk music. But at the same time, each side has managed to respect each other’s culture while being a dual island.

St. Martin, the French side of the island is very similar to the island of France itself with comfort and elegance and a deep sense of fashion, high-end shopping, and exquisite cuisine. On the other side St. Maarten, the Dutch side has a busy cruise port, a very buzzing commercial district catering to lots of tourists and foreign visitors. The Dutch side is also known for its festive nightlife, rum drinking fiascos, and lots of casinos. Visitors to the island would enjoy cool tropical temperatures on the island all year round in part due to the tropical tradewinds that blow inward to the island.

St Lucia Beaches

Today, tourism has developed rapidly on the island and it is now flourishing as a major Caribbean tourist destination, mainly because of its vibrant nightlife and gaming casinos where tourists can have fun all year round. The island is well known for its nude beaches and trendy shopping. It is little wonder that this beauty of an island is one of the most visited in the Caribbean. Whether, on a family vacation, honeymoon, or just group vacation St Martin has it all and sure to make your list an unforgettable vacation.

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