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Great Caribbean Authors you should get to know in 2020

Anthony, Michael 

born in Trinidad and Tobago, Anthony is a Caribbean historian, journalist, and author with over 30 published novels, short stories, and travelogues. His novel ‘Green Days by the River’ was made into a Drama Film in 2017 and tells the story of the coming of age of a 15-year old boy in a coastal village on the island of Trinidad.  

Braithwaite, Edward ‘Kamau’ 

a Barbadian poet and academic, and widely considered one of the major voices in poetry in the Caribbean. Braithwaite was the International winner of the Griffin Poetry Prize and wildly known for his volume of Poetry entitled ‘Born to Slow Horses’.

Harris, Wilson

one of the Caribbean’s leading writers, Harris was born in British Guyana in 1921.  His writing style is often said to be abstract and densely metaphorical with themes ranging from colonialism to cultural identity.  He wrote a wide range of novels including the famous ‘Jonestown’ (1996) novel one of his most acclaimed creations, a fictional re-imagining of the real-life ritual mass suicide orchestrated by the then Pastor Jim Jones in the remote Guyana forest in 1978.

C L R, James 

one of the most profound of Caribbean writers, socialist and historian, James was born in Trinidad and Tobago in 1901.  He is best known for his literary work and author of the ‘Black Jacobins’, an influential study of the Haitian Revolution.  His 1936 book ‘Minty Alley’ was the first novel by a black West Indian to be published in Britain.

Kincaid, Jamaica 

born Elaine Potter Richardson in Antigua in 1949 before migrating to the United States and changing her name to Jamaica Kincaid.  Ms. Kincaid is well known as a writer whose novels, stories and essays are evocative portrayals of family relationships in her life.  A writer of contemporary literature she is best known for her novels ‘Annie John’ and ‘A Small Place’.

Lamming, George 

George was born in Barbados in 1927.  He is an outstanding writer and one of the Caribbean’s finest authors.  Lamming is the author of many great Caribbean Novels including the ever-popular ‘Castle of my Skin’ (1953) and ‘Natives of my Person’ (1972).

Lovelace, Earl

author and novelist Earl Lovelace was born in Toco on the island of Trinidad in 1935.  He is an award-winning novelist, journalist, short story writer and playwright whose work include, ‘The Dragon Can’t Dance’ (1979), ‘While Gods are falling’ (1965), and ‘The Schoolmaster’ (1968).

Naipaul, V.S.

without a doubt one of the Caribbean’s finest writers and novelists is V.S. Naipaul.  Born in Trinidad and Tobago in 1932, he was the eldest son of a second-generation Indian family and the proud owner of many Awards including the ever-prestigious Nobel Prize in Literature in 2001.  Some of his top literary works include ‘A House for Mr. Biswah’, ‘A Bend in the River’ and ‘Miguel Street’.

Persad, Lashmi 

Ms. Persad a well-known Trinidadian born British author was born in the city of Tunapuna in 1939.  A prolific writer and the author of many novels including; ‘Butterfly in the Wind’, ‘Sastra’, ‘For the Love of My Name’, ‘Raise the Lanterns High’, and “Daughters of Empire’, she is probably one of the most significant Indo Caribbean women writers to have emerged in recent years.

Selvon, Samuel

 Selvon was a Trinidad born novelist and short story writer whose novels include among others ‘A Brighter Sun’ (1952), his first novel which describes East Indians and Creoles living with their prejudices and distrust on the island and ‘The Lonely Northerners’ (1956) which tells the story of naïve immigrants living by their wits in a hostile city. 

Walcott, Derek

Sir Derek Alton Walton author, poet, and playwright was born in Castries, St Lucia in 1930.  Walcott is the proud owner of the 1992 Nobel Prize in Literature. In addition to winning the Nobel Prize, Walcott received many literary awards during the course of his career.  He has written many, many books, poetry and plays too many to mention but a great opportunity to read and study one of the great Caribbean writers of all time.   

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