The British Virgin Islands – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands is a territory of the British Government in the Caribbean islands. It consists of four main islands, Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, and Jost Van Dyke, and about 50 smaller islands. Besides being one of the top tourists’ destinations in the Caribbean the islands are known for their excellent sailing and yachting, beautiful diving sites, gorgeous, sparkling beaches, and coral reef.


The most inhabited of all the islands is Tortola with a population of over 25,000. There are about 35,000 people living on the islands. These inhabitants hold British Citizenship and as such their culture is a mixture of European, Caribbean, and African traditions. The islands have a sub-tropical climate that is mild and pleasant and alluring to the tourist industry. The islands possess the most breathtaking sceneries, with hundreds of secret bays, hidden coves, calm turquoise waters, and white sandy beaches are just a few of natures’ little secrets on the islands.

In this unspoiled volcanic archipelago of islands, you will discover the beauty of the British Virgin Islands, each with its unique flair and character. Tortola, known as the exotic playground of the islands is also home to Sage Mountain National Park a true wonder on the island and the highest peak in the Virgin Islands; Virgin Gorda’s natural granite pillars called, The Baths, (the most picturesque shores in BVI); to the magnificence and supreme seclusion of Anegada; to catching the true island spirit in Jost Van Dyke. All this together with the beauty and splendor of the smaller islands makes the BVI vacation experience a memory of a lifetime.

The Baths

The British Virgin Islands enjoys a stable and prosperous economy, one of the best in the Caribbean, in part because of its small population. Tourism plays a very vital part in the islands’ economy and is the main source of income and job provider for the islands. The boating and yachting chartering industry also play an important role in the tourism industry on the island. Other industries that contribute to the economy on the island are light industry, construction, concrete production, rum, and offshore banking. The island also depends on livestock raising as the main agricultural activity on the island. Fishing is also very popular on the island.

The British Virgin Islands enjoy a tropical climate moderated by trade winds.  A paradise of lush green forests, the BVI islands are great for vacationing if you love to sail, water ski, snorkel, visit marine parks or just island hopping, these islands are a great place to vacation. Ferry service to the outer islands is convenient and economical. The islands are a travelers’ paradise because there are so many tourist attractions and the seclusion they enjoy on the islands.

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