The Cayman Crystal Caves – A TOURIST IN THE CARIBBEAN

The Cayman Crystal Caves

The Cayman Crystal Caves situated in a tropical forest in the Grand Cayman is one of the island’s newest attraction. This attraction is a guided tour through tropical forests and underground caves. You will be enthralled by the amazing caves where you will see stalactites and stalagmites, crystal structures and natural formations formed by drops of water over millions of years.  Fossils of shells and animal life in the caves tell us that at one time they were all in the ocean, but as time past and the sea levels changed, and the land began to rise, huge spaces were formed by the erosions, now known as caves. The caves are still evolving today. Years ago these caves were used as hideouts by pirates for shelter from their prey and the elements of nature. Today, locals used the surrounding lush lands for farming and used the caves as fertilizers for their products.  It is a great adventure and should be on your bucket list for the Cayman Islands.

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