The Cloisters Nassau

A beautiful building which was originally a monastery is the remains of a cloisters built in the 14th century in France. The building now roofless and in ruins is comprised of stunning stones, hand-carved columns and beautiful arches that adorn the main edifice. The building was one of four that was imported to the United States from France back in the early 1920s but was later transported to the Bahamas (stone by stone) and placed on the high grounds on Paradise Island. Aside from the main structure, you will also find numerous other stones and statues lying around the well-manicured lawns, some amazing flora and fauna and a host of growing flowering plants.   Across the street from the Cloisters is the beautiful Versaille Gardens which are breathtaking and equally beautiful. The place is very romantic, quiet and great for taking pictures. It is truly amazing how this structure can be brought from halfway around the world and placed on this beautiful island for everyone to see. It’s a sight that should not be missed!!

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